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Strengthen Yourself ....

I was just reading the book of II Chronicles and wow! there was so much in there! It said several times long as they (the kings) sought the Lord, He was with them, or made them prosper, or heard their prayer.....what an admonition to continuously seek the Lord. Several times this week, I have had to stop and "strengthen myself in the Lord." vs. 25:11. I am so glad that I have a God who will look out for me and who loves me so much that as long as I put Him first, He "has my back." What comfort. Verse 20:15 says "the battle isn't yours, but Gods." Praise the Lord. I have to remind myself to let God have control of certain situations. He can do a much better job of it than I can! And it's HIS BATTLE! Not mine. Anyway, I could go on and on, there is so much in God's Word that can help me, if I just let it.

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What cute glasses!