Garage Sale Finds of the Week!!!

Well, first I have to say that what made this one of the most wonderful days
is that my husband went with us!  
It's usually just me and my kids going while Daddy is at work, or such.
But he was able to go and it was such good family fun time!

Here are my treasures!!!

All of these lil' baby clothes for Annaleah (who will be making her appearance on June 18)

A bunch of skirts and a beautiful dress with matching shoes for after the baby comes for her Mamma...
I paid 
50 cents for each skirt and 4 for the dress and 3 for the shoes!!!!

 And....I might have fallen into some Tupperwear!
I love it!
10 cents for the cups and 50 cents for the pitcher!

Laurel and Hardy videos and Wizard of Oz...
$1.00 each.

I also bought some boys t-shirts and pj sets at a sale for 5 for $1.00!   
And they were mostly new.  
And Chloe got 3 pairs of shoes! 
Not pictured because she immediately took them to her room!  
Grand total of the day:
I think I did pretty good.
And it was soooo fun!
Anyone else find any interesting deals today?


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