I was up in my room getting ready yesterday morning when I heard Chloe's door open signaling that she was awake! As she always does, she goes straight down the stairs to look out the back window to see her animals. She came running up the stairs just seconds later and says "Mom, I think Max (the dog) killed a squirrel!" Well, I was feeling great pride in our wonderfully fast, pure bread boarder collie! FOR A MINUTE. Then I realized as soon as I got to the window what it was that Max had in his mouth ~ Chloe best friend and pet bunny ~ Flower. Poor Flower was hanging limply in the mouth of a monster who was staring at me thru the window wagging his tail furiously in pride at what he had brought to Mamma! Horrid creature! So, I go running outside in my pj's trying to convince Maxxy to "please put the bunny down." He thought it was a great game. He put it down and I (with all my medical knowledge) was looking at the bunny trying to decide if it is really seriously dead! (Could this really be happening?) When I look up and realize that Max is now chasing Ben's bunny!!!!!!!!!!!! MAX!!! UGH! I finally rescued lil' Fluffly! And got him securely put back in his cage! We are burying poor lil' Flower today. Rest in peace Flower!

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