Isn't it something how you love each of your kids completely different? Take my lil' Izzy for instance. He is trouble with a capital T! He is so grumpy most of the day! And I just love it. He makes me laugh with his grumpiness. He is like the lil' dwarf on Snow White! But to some, I watch peoples reactions to him and I saw someone loose their patience with him. But you see the thing is, they don't know his heart like his Mamma and Daddy do. He is so tenderhearted. And it really matters to him how he is disciplined. Make sense? But I love him soooo much. Others don't see the kisses he gives so often, the hugs, the times when he just goes and sits on Daddy's lap because he needs to be touched. He is so wonderful. My Mother in law has told me what a handful my husband was growing up and I often wonder, is that why Izzy is like that? And then I wonder if I don't love him just a bit more because I have to pray for him more than the others! He needs it so much more! HA! I know of a missionary family who has a lil' girl named Esther Joy. Esther has cancer and will shortly be with Jesus. I have been thinking and praying for this family so much lately, realizing that at any moment our lives could be changed like theirs was. So unsuspecting, and just BOOM! Life is changed. Pray for them if you would.

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