The very BEST day of my life.

While, I have had quite a few great days in my life, today is right up there with the best of them.

Some of my great days include:

The day my wonderful husband finally asked me out!  I had been watching him for a long time.  A friend of mine was trying to hook us up.  I knew it, J knew it, I was waiting, and apparently so was he (and it took him forever to be convinced that I was the one for him!)  Hahaha!  But now he knows.  And I am sure he is utterly thankful!  I think anyway.

Some more great days in my life would have to be the birth of my four children.  It took our firstborn a long time to finally decide to come, but the others all (very graciously) came 2-3 weeks early.  God love them.  And our only girl decided to begin her journey while her father and I were at Red Lobster eating our Anniversary dinner.  And then of coarse she waited until the next day (which is just a horrible day to have a birthday) to finally make her appearance.  Our third born came out fast and furious....and that is how he is living his life 3 years later.  And then lil' man, he decided to lay breech thereby requiring me to have my first c~section.  Though all in all , still a great day.


Oh my today!  Today is a day I have dreamed of!

While at the grocery store today, I saw something out of the corner of my eye...

My absolute favorite coffee creamer ever!  I can now enjoy it ALL YEAR LONG!!!!!!!!
Thank you Jesus!


Marisa said...

Oooh that sounds wonderful! =)

The Doll Family said...

Amy, you are too funny! I am glad that Jesus showed His love for you through creamer! :)