New Years Resolutions....

So, yeah, I've done a pretty good job of keeping them so far.  I have read my Bible all but one day!  YAY!  I am still on my diet.  Though, I am not gonna lie, I had a cupcake last night.  I made these delightful cookie dough flavored cupcakes.  OH MAN!  They were so good.  But, I only had one, not 20.  So, I won't beat myself up too bad.  I have lost 7 pounds!  That's a pretty good amount of weight for 3 weeks!  And I lost that in the first 2 weeks.
The biggest change that I have made is regarding my Pepsi!  I haven't had any since January 2!  That is a big deal for me.  I used to drink it all day long.  To go three weeks without it is such a life change.  Pretty happy about that!
Hope you are keeping up with your resolutions!


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Anonymous said...

I'd stop drinking Pepsi, but I'm not a quitter=) Way to go. -Marcy