Vacation from the blog....

I took a little break from the blogging world during Christmas break.  My two oldest kids were home, and I didn't have a whole lot of time.  And to be truthful, I was having a little bit of a pitty party as I do every Christmas since my Mom passed away.  She WAS Christmas.  And I know it shouldn't have been like that, and we aren't following her traditions that way.  We do make sure our kids know that Christmas is about HIM, not us.  But, boy, growing up, Christmas day was ALL ABOUT ME BABY!  And I liked it!  I would wake up Christmas morning to a gazillion gifts ALL FOR ME!  It would take me hours (okay, maybe that is exaggerating a little bit, but bear with me here) to open all of them.  Then, while Mom started dinner and slaved in the kitchen, I sat there in my pj's looking and playing...or watching tv.  Or just doing nothing.  Then I ate....Mom always fixed a great meal: turkey, ham, etc!  All the sides you could imagine.  She always made Christmas so special.  Then I got married, and she did the same for my husband.  Made it wonderful for him.  Bought him tons of gifts, asked what his favorite thing was to eat.  I loved it.  And then she passed away.  Now, Christmas is not all about me anymore.  I have to wake up early, fix breakfast, watch the kids open their gifts, cry because I miss my Mommy, and you aren't gonna believe this ~ I HAVE TO COOK THE DINNER ALL BY MYSELF.  Well, my husband always helps because he knows that I am a delicate soul on Christmas day.  He's good like that...try's to keep me from dissolving in tears in front of our four children! :)  Then!!!!  Oh wait!  Then, we eat, and what was normally my nap time, I spend in the kitchen CLEANING of all things.  And just when I get it all cleaned up, someone asks where the deviled eggs are that I just shoved into the darkest deepest hole of the fridge...and it all starts over again.

Ok, well, it wasn't really all that bad.  I actually had a great day...just a bit of sadness.  It's just weird how things come full circle and here I am being the MOM!  Weird. 

My hubby surprised me with a Mother's ring.  It's absolutely beautiful.  He let me pick it out a couple of weeks before Christmas, but I didn't know that he had picked it up.  He told me that we wouldn't get it before, and then there it was in my shiatsu back massager box....I cried.  Of coarse.  Wouldn't you?  Ok, well, I am a sap, and can cry at the drop of a hat.  It really meant alot to me that he would do that for me.  He loves me...ahhhhh.

So, I am back.  I will post pics later of our Christmas break.  We did alot of fun family stuff.  Such a nice break.


Kate said...

Popping over from the blog frog!

Big hugs for you. I miss my Dad every Christmas.

Love the idea of a mother's ring. How thoughtful :-)

I am a crier too. At.absolutely.everything.


Marisa said...

What an awesome gift from your Hubby! How very thoughtful!!! And oh so sweet!! Major points for that! =) So sorry Christmas isnt as special as it use to be... I dont think we are ever ready no matter how old to lose our Moms. Glad your hubby is so there for you! That is very special!

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