Isaac broke his leg...

My husband plays on the church basketball league. 

 So, we went Monday night, like we usually do. 

 All the kids play ball before the game starts, and at half time, and after the game.  

Well, poor Isaac got run over by a teenager. 

 He just fell backward, I didn't realize his leg was broke.

  Poor baby.

Here are some pics....

We brought him home that night and just layed him on the couch.  
He seemed to be okay, but in pain.

After the trip to the ER. 

Our millionth for this year!  

How embarrassing.

It's life with four kids.

But, on the upside, he gets lots of ice cream.

Guilt, it's good sometimes.

And, your sister (who bawled her eyes out when she found out)
sits and talks to you alot.  

Overall, not too bad.

He will heal.  

I will post pics of his hard cast and Mr. Man in his cool new wheels!

And, I will thank God for what he has given me.  Not two weeks ago,  a family we once knew
were watching their 15 year old play basketball.  He fell.  He had some kind of an 
undetected heart defect, and died.  
When I thought of that last night, I realized, it's gonna be okay. 
Isaac will heal, my heart will heal.  
I still have his smile.



Anonymous said...

Sweet Chloe. That just made my heart all warm and fuzzy to see her talking to her little brother. Awwww!


Anonymous said...

Iz looks pretty happy to me, but I'm not fooled. We know how it is when the camera is off. What would we do without that blanket? How has it made it this whole time?

The Doll Family said...

Bless your heart....and Iz's, too.....nothing worse that having your baby hurt....NTHING!!! You are a good mommy! :)

Brandi said...

I keep the sourdough starter sitting on my cabinet. You just don't want it by a drafty window or in the fridge. As long as your home is warm, the dough is fine! I hope yours turns out. I'm going to make the bread today or tomorrow, and I'm super-excited!