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Izzy's sweet moment of the week.

My lil' Iz is a rough and tough boy.  Doesn't often say words of endearment.  Well, he does to his father, but not me.  I'm a girl.  I have cooties ya know?  He, on rare occasions lets me hug him.  Sometimes a kiss on the cheek.  And if he wants to get out of bed without getting in trouble, he will kiss me.

Last night, I went up to the boys room to put them to bed.  I got Ty changed and put him in his crib.  Then ducked down into Iz's bed to kiss him and say good night to the moon.  He grabbed my head and started rubbing my hair and said "I want to keep you here forever!"  OH MY WORD!  My wittle heart just melted!  And I want to keep him here forever.


Kayte said...

How sweet! I'm sure you'll hang onto that for a long time!

~Amy~ said...

Don't you know it. I don't get many sweet comments from him! I will treasure it forever!

Marisa said...

Awwww Sooo Nice! I love little boys and those sweet comments! Just the best!!

Anonymous said...

Could Iz get any sweeter? He looks like a big boy now. Ben looks so different with all those teeth. Your family is beautiful. -Marcy