Date night!!!

I'm pregnant.

I have cravings.

One of them happens to be Red Lobster.
I'm a sad, sad human being.
So, last week my husband was gone all week helping his brother up in
Indiana while I was home with four kids, pregnant and having complications 
with my pregnancy.
I had to go to the ER on Thursday.
Apparently I have a subchorionic hematoma.
Not life threatening.
But the DR told me to take it easy.
Stay in bed for a couple of days to stop the bleeding, etc.
So, while J was gone, it was me in bed, with my four lil' beings gathered around me
doing laundry, making PBJ's and cleaning the kitchen.
Quite a great time, actually.
Thank God for my sister in law who came over 2 evenings and relieved a lil' boredom.
So, back to the date night..

When Justus came home, he felt that we needed a date.
I begged...
I pleaded....
I got down on my hands and knees...(k, not really)

and he caved and took me to Red Lobster.
Ain't he sweet?
I wub him.

Unfortunately the date took a horrible turn!
You'll never believe what happened next.
It's preposterous!
Unheard of.
It's a crime to human society I tell ya.

We decided to stop at the library and get some videos.
We both respectively got our videos and headed to the front.
I checked out mine.
J came forward with his one video that wouldn't fit on my card due to a limit of 10.;
I looked down to find the title of the video that he felt he must have:
Me and the librarian busted out laughing....
J's face got kinda red, though he was laughing as well.

"What, it looked like a good movie?"

And we are watching it together as I speak.
He isn't going to get any ideas that I don't know about.
Just in case.
*DISCLAIMER~  we took the movie out after about 5 minutes!  Not a good movie.  I should have known!  Hahahahaha!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Marisa said...

Hilarious about the movie!!

So glad you got a fun date after your week!

Suanna said...

I'm sorry that you've been having complications. Hopefully they will clear up soon for you. You have a sweet husband.

~Amy~ said...

Thanks Marisa and Suanna! This week hasn't been much better....maybe tomorrow. ;P