Things I can eat while pregnant:

A little of my Mother~in~Laws chicken and noodles.
And, that about does it.
Nice, huh?

Things I cannnnnnooooot eat!!!:
A burger from Steak and Shake.
Meat in general.
Milk products.
Anything that has flavor.

I'm very sad.
I love food.
Can't wait to get the next couple of weeks over and get back to eating as normal.

We spent the last week with my Mother ~in~Law.
It was a really nice break.
She likes to pamper and say things like:
"You shouldn't be up yet."
"Shouldn't you go take a nap?"
"You look tired, Lady."
I like people that tell me to go sleep!  

Right before we left, we went and visited my Father~in~Law's grave.
I had already been there once during the week, but Justus hadn't.
I wasn't sure whether I should go with him, or let him go himself.
So, I just let him go.
I bawled like a baby.
It just doesn't seem right that he should be walking to a grave to talk to his Dad.
He should be here with us...
I know God has a reason, it's just so hard to understand sometimes.
So, after I wiped the snot off my face, I went out there with him.
It's so hard to see the finalitly of the stone.
I know it's final.
I know it's over and there is nothing we can do.
It still hurts.
Seems unreal.
And then I realized that my new baby is due just 2 days from the one year of my Father~in~Law's homegoing.
I think that is pretty neat.

And so to summarize.
I'm hungry.
I'm sick.
I'm tired.
I miss my Father~in~Law.
And I am going to bed.
Good night.
Hope you have a blessed Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I haven't been to see the headstone yet...I want to, I just don't want to. lol Ah the contradictions of life.
On a different note... Mom loved you all visiting. She especially loved working with Justus. I guess those of us who live closer to her (myself included) have a tendency to tell her what to do instead of just help her do what she wants to do or help her decide what to do. She really appreciated Justus helping her see what her options are, then letting HER choose.
Love you and miss you all!!!
~ Mary

Marisa said...

So glad you all go to spend time with family! So nice and so sorry still about you all losing the one you love!! So hard to say Goodbye!

Hope the time flies till you get to eat good stuff again! I always say.. I wish I was a picky eater! ha ha! Nope.. love it all! ha ha!

~Amy~ said...

Me too Marisa. I enjoy food entirely too much. It's sad really.

@Mary ~ We had a great time too!!! And you should go see his tombstone. He isn't there, you know? It makes you feel close to him.

Suanna said...

I hope you will soon be over the hump and feeling better, so you can have something you really enjoy.