Pregnancy cont, again....

I am really going to try to not constantly be writing about pregnancy.
This is my fifth. 
No big news here.
I don't even think there was a whole lot of shocked people.

The sickness has come upon me.
Don't even say the word milk.  

I have some sad news.
Tomorrow is our last day at our church.
I am very broken up about it.
Though, we knew it was leading toward that for a while, it is still heartbreaking.
When we moved to Akron it was from Arkansas.
We decided that this would be our last move.
This is where we are going to plant our family.
I was pregnant with Ben.
He's 9 1/2.
That's a long time.
We have grown to love the people at our church.
Made some very dear friends.
We KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is moving in our lives.
We don't know why.
But so often, the verse "thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path" have crossed my mind.
That lamp that lights our feet doesn't shine forward....
it just shows us the next step.
We have no idea what is ahead for us.
But God has it all worked out already.
And He loves us.
And we love Him.
Pray for us tomorrow if you think about it.
I have to say goodbye to my little Sunday School girls and to the Jr Church kids who we love so much.
Then tomorrow night is saying goodbye to the people who have been our family through so much.
When my Mom died of cancer 5 years ago, these people became our family.
Everytime I had a child, these people brought us meals.
When we had a need, these people met it.
And sometimes, they didn't even know we had a need,
they listened to the Holy Spirit and maybe slipped my husband some money.
Or, brought us a bag of food from Amish Country.

They couldn't possibly know what that meant to us,
but they did it.
So, pray for us and them tomorrow. 


Shelly said...

praying for you, AMY!! <3

Donna Livingston said...

Praying for you, Amy. If I hear of a church needing an assistant Pastor, I'll let you know.

Marisa said...

Will be thinking of you guys and praying for you LOTS tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

change isn't easy, but God will see you through! PRAYING SALLY

Sheri Edwards said...

Amy, hope everything is going well all the way around!