My Weekly Date with ME!

So, my 2 eldest kids take piano lessons from the song leader who used to be at our church.
His whole family is musically talented.
It's a beautiful thing!
They have a music studio on the square in Medina Ohio.
THE SQUARE as you would imagine is beautiful.
Aren't most of them?
Beautiful gazebo in the middle.
And a ton of quaint little shops all around it.
Toy shops.
2 coffee shops!
Could life get any better?
I think not.

So, every week I leave the baby boys at home to get a good nap in on Wednesday afternoon and 
travel the 1/2 hour it takes to get to Medina to drop off Ben and Chloe.

And then it's me time.
Oh glorious day!
I usually buy myself a treat at the Potomac Bakery Shoppe.
I love when people spell shoppe with 2 p's and an e!  
Makes me happy just to be here.

Last week I had her fresh baked lemon square!
Holey Moley!
It was huge and delicious.
I also had a frappucino.

This week, I ordered a Cherry Italian Soda.
I would have to say that they are my favorite thing.
I had the peach one and it was delightful as well.
So, here I sit.
Sipping my Italian Soda.
Big grin on my face.
By myself.
Smelling the delightful fragrance of a bakery.
I shall go read my Bible, I think.
And then I will read my latest series of books I am into.

What do you do when you are all alone?????



Mary said...

When I am alone I usually sleep...sometimes I clean. lol :)
As for Cherry Italian Soda...I tried making those several times...but no luck! It just doesn't work! Have you ever tried?

~Amy~ said...

No, but it looks easy enough! HA. Come visit me and I will take you here.

Debbie said...

Sounds GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!! Alone time...usually I sit for a few minutes and enjoy the silence. :) I don't allow myself to do anything that I could normally do if the kids were with me. So....I usually read and have a treat all.to.myself! :)

Grace Wheeler said...

That sounds awesome! A little jealous though :) Someday, right?!

Nancy M. said...

Sometimes we need those "alone" times to refresh
and renew...Your little town sounds so cute..
I have enjoyed "little alone times" going to the library; taking a walk in the Fall leaves; visiting my favorite antique shop; stopping by a thrift shop or getting a special coffee...

Atina said...

HELP!!!! I have a google blog too, but I am unable to access it today! it keeps telling me to enable cookies .... I followed all the steps bout 5 times and no luck! any suggestions?