Been really enjoying using my new camera.

So, I had all three boys the other night while Chloe and her Daddy were running some errands.
We had been schooling all day long and it was like 4:30!
I was nigh unto death.
So, what do all good women do who are 'bout to die?
Call the husband and say "I need money!"
And he said "okay."

Off me and the boys went.

I took them down to Hale Farm and Village again and just took pictures of them.
It was so fun.
Well, I have been diligently studying Pioneer Womans Photography site and reading up about aperture.
I do so think it's my most favorite thing to do with my new camera!  
You see how Isaac is blurry and Ben is completely in focus. 
That is because I messed with the aperture.
I direct you again to PW's sight.
Because I have no idea what it means!
Except that I love it!
Thanks P-dub.
Another lesson learned from one of the greats!
I love you, Man!!!


Tim, Karla and Titus Curington said...

So jealous of your new camera!! I've had my eye on one - can't decide between the Nikon or Canon Rebel...did you find a good deal somewhere?? Just curious. :) Great job on the picture!! I'm determined to get pics of my kiddos that look halfway decent and I'm sure a new camera would fix the problem, right?? :)I so can't even afford to pay someone hundreds of dollars to take pics of my kids in front of trees and tractors, especially when I can do it myself.....I think... :)

~Amy~ said...

My step Dad is a pro and he recommends Nikon over Canon! Just a though. They do have automatic settings so you are almost guaranteed to get good pics! ;) Then as you go along, you can try more and more stuff. So fun!

Debbie said...

Looks good....what kind of camera did you get? I am debating at what to 'request' for Christmas....a new camera or the biggest Kitchen Aid mixer available. HA!