Update on us....

I spent today in the kitchen!!!
With my husband!

A family in our church has been sharing their bounty from their garden and so
today I cut up about a million green peppers, red peppers and some yellow peppers.
I dice them and then freeze them.
What a novel idea!!

And it makes me happy every time I need peppers for a dish!
Just get in the freezer and stick your hand in the bag, and your done.

They also gave us a ton of zucchini. 
My family LOVES Zucchini bread.
So, I got out my food processor and shredded all of it and put it in ziplocks for the freezer as well.
And then made 2 loaves for now.

Thank you Mellors for sharing!
What a blessing you are to our family!!!

A sad thing happened the other day.
I mentioned my Mom to the kids.
She passed away before Iz or Ty entered the world.
Ty was carrying around her bracelet that I always wear and I told him and Isaac that 
that bracelet was very special to me!
It's my Mamma's.
Isaac looked at me and cocked his head sideways and said:
"You have a Mamma?"
Just broke my heart into a million pieces.  
I'm so sad that she will never know my babies.
I'm so sad that they will never knew her.
That they don't even know that of coarse I had a MOM!
Every one does.
But they don't know.
Just thought I arrived by way of stork.
I am motherless.
That's sad.



Mary said...

I love you, Amy.

~Amy~ said...

Thank you Mary. I needed to hear that!!!

Anonymous said...

Only you could be happy about an abundance of peppers. Way to be thankful. -Marcy`

~Amy~ said...

And we canned a bunch of hot peppers! I say "we" but I really me Justus! I did boil the solution. Good times!