Mundane things.....

So, I am terribly sorry about this post.
It may be a bit mundane.
But I have to tell you all about this wonderful product!
Has my life really come to this?

Anyway, I hate dishrags.
With a passion.
But, using paper towels (one to two rolls a day) 
was getting to be a bit pricey.
And making my husband lose his mind.
So, I have been shopping for dishrags for a while now.
Again, wow.
And I found these Clorox ones.
And thought to myself "these are clorox, they should stay white and smelling yummy." 
Which is what we all want in a dishrag, right girls?

Anyway, just thought I'd share.
I always like to look at product reviews on other peoples blogs.
I'd rather someone else tell me if its worth the money or not.
Thanks for listening!!!



Nancy M. said...

Good idea...thanks for passing it on.

JesseTaraMcCoyandgang said...

I have them. They don't stay white like I expected ~ they are always bleached. Mine are kinda dingy. And I wouldn't say that after one dish wash use do they stay smelling "yummy". I like them ~ for the size they aren't bulky, and they scrub pretty well!

Anonymous said...

of all the things to worry about you picked this one-i think homeschooling is getting to you-marcy

~Amy~ said...

Well that is very sad Tara! I have had mine for a couple of weeks and they've been nasty dirty and I bleach them and wala! Beautiful again. Did you do the initial bleach wash to "activate their special powers" that they recommend? I don't know. I really like them. And they still smell good!