Sweet Words....

I just got a call from a sweet lady here in Akron.
She called to thank me for being such a blessing to her daughter.
She told me I was a jewel.
I bawled. 
And then I tried to talk.
And then I bawled.
She couldn't possible know what her words meant to me.

We have been going through some major "changes" in our life.
Hard stuff.
Big life changes.
And, I don't know if it happens for everyone, but it certainly did for us
you start to doubt or wonder about everything.
Am I a complete failure?
Could I have done something different?
Why am I doing this?
What's the point?
And on
and on
and on 
it goes.
All day long.
Am I even worthy to teach my own children?
My husband and I have beaten ourselves up this whole year wondering.
But, in the end, we always come back to the fact that it is God 
working in our lives.  
Moving us, preparing us, changing us.
Totally God.
I know that!
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
But, you still wonder.

This lady didn't know what we had been through.
She didn't know how much I needed someone to say that.
To mean it.
To know that I matter to someone.

All this to say, 
"Withhold not good from them to whom it is due,when it is in the power of thine hand to do it."
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue."

Thank you, Mary for giving me life.
It really meant the world to me.


...the other Mary said...

That's so wonderful, Amy. I'm so glad you got the encouragement when you needed it. You ARE wonderful, and I'm glad someone told you so. :)
Thank you for the reminder to tell people when they are a blessing to us instead of just assuming they know. I definitely need that reminder every day!
<3 you tons and tons!!

Anonymous said...

Im so glad that someone took God's leading and called you! It is so awesome to get a compliment. So rare too!
Im incredibly sorry for the difficulties you and Justice have been facing. Been there. Done that. It is so hard. I will be praying for you! I pray God will open your eyes and bring you through the storm to the other side! Stay Beautiful!

Debbie said...


~Amy~ said...

Thanks ladies. I am sure you all have been there at some time or another.

Angel~a said...

I'm glad that Mary came through for you! ;)

Supriyadi said...

greetings you receive the information.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy visiting your blog from time to time. This entry was personally special to me. Such a "simple" concept and yet we don't always share our kind thoughts. So many people could use a kind word and it's in our hands to be that encourager. I am always encouraged when I read your FB posts and when I read your blog. Praying for you, sweet friend!

Shelly said...

Thanks for the reminder, Amy!! You truly are a friend who always brings a smile to MY face!! :D That makes you so precious to me! Love and prayers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi...I'm Mary...no, no I'm not. But, how I wish that I was! I'm just Gale. But, I appreciate everything about Amy.
Amy, even when you are miles away, You inspire me. I love the relationship you have with Justus. I love the relationship you have with your children. I admire the sweetness and the wisdom that you and Justus share.
When I need strength from real people, I reflect and think of you.
I don't know your heartaches and burdens. But, I'm nearminded and selfish. I'm sorry for not seeing a simple need. I'm grateful to Mary.
I'm so happy that God is in charge and that he laid it on her heart to share this with you.
God can use anybody. God could've tried to use me but I didn't listen. I'm so happy that Mary listened and allowed God to use her!!!
P.S. I know that to be "religiously correct" I should've said first and foremost that I love your relationship with God. And this is true. But, I'm just a regular person and am not "religiously correct". I'm still a work in progress, for sure!