So much going on all at once....

Do you ever feel your head spinning?

Oh my.

We have been through a tornado this year....
one thing after another.
And it all started with Isaac's broken leg.
Imagine that.

Our Pastor told my husband 3 weeks ago that at the end of October he couldn't afford to pay him anymore.
We have felt God leading us out for a while.
Though, to be truthful, when we moved here, it was for life.
It was actually a couple of years ago that we started to feel like maybe our time here was ending.
And it broke my heart into a million pieces.
God was so GRACIOUS to give us this time to get used to the idea.
And, circumstances would happen and we would chalk another one up for God.
Knowing that though "they meant it for evil, but God meant it for good."
It is so comforting to know that we have put our lives in the palm of his hands and He is in control.
I know.
So many people have said "I'm so excited for you."
"God is going to do great things through your family."
And, I know this is true, but right now, that doubt keeps coming up.
What if we don't get a job?
What if we lose our home and live on the street?
What if...

And then...
You are pregnant.
We had thought I might be and then I wasn't, so we moved on and I started seriously job hunting thinking that it was for the best with everything the way it is now.
I certainly don't need pregnancy hormones on top of everything else!
God knows.
And, what a blessing He has given us.
"God meant it for good."



Debbie said...

I would be scared, too, but I do admire your outlook on the whole situation. This baby certainly is a gift - a reminder that Jesus loves you. I love you, too! :)

Marisa said...

Praying for you guys Amy! Huge changes and adjustments! So glad we have a God who is control of it all and that we can lean so heavily on Him!

~Amy~ said...

Thank you for the prayers girls! Jesus has been hearing alot about and from us lately.
Marisa, where you been????

Grace~The Mommy On the Bus said...

Amy, I'm SOOO happy for you and your new blessing! I'm so sorry for the trial you are in the midst of though! The Lord calls Himself by the names of "Faithful" and "True" in Revelation, so I'll pray that He will be exactly that in this season!

Just after I read this post in my "Reader", the VERY next post seemed too perfect to not pass onto you...

Blessings, Amy!

~Amy~ said...

GRACE! I saw that this morning! What a blessing. Thank you.

Mary said...

Move here and you'll have free babysitting!! :)
I love you guys and think about you, hurt for you, and pray for you often.
...I'm still looking forward to taking you and Chloe to Red Lobster when you come, so HURRY!!

Marisa said...

Ella started school this year .. so two kids to get ready and to two different places. Then I had family at my house for THREE weeks! ha ha! Sooo good to see them.. but that is a long one and it has been soooo busy! Ill be back I promise! ha ha!