My Weekend

I forgot how very tired it made me...
Though, I haven't been really sick yet. 
Normally its bad before I even know I am expecting...
So, I will praise the Lord for that.
I don't really have a whole lot of time to stop and be sick.
Not today anyway.
My step dad came up on Saturday and we took the kid to a covered bridge.
Here are some pics:
I love to make these collages that tell a story.
Picture #1:
Lovely children.
Picture #2:
Picture #3:
Ty: I will not stand with these heathen children.
Picture #4:
Chloe: Oh yes you will you little rascal!!!!
And then Mommy says, 
"Everyone get down, we are done."
Sadly, no good pictures of my kids came of that day.
But I did take a good one of my step Dad for his FB page:

Nice pic, huh?
If only my children would cooperate as nicely as PawPaw did.


Anonymous said...

you took a great picture of Mel-looks like a lovely day at the bridge


~Amy~ said...

Isn't Mel just lovely? Hehehehe! He doesn't know how to comment, so we can say whatever we want and he can't do anything about it! Hi Melsie!