Ty and his puppy.

My Ty just loves this dog.  
It has been pee'd on.
Shoved nose first into Ty's dinner.
Run over.
Left in the van only to be gotten in the cold dark night by Mamma in her jammies.
(I'm ashamed to say.)
Sneezed on by other kids in the nursery.
And yet somehow it makes it back into Ty's mouth.
He wubs his puppy.
And I wub him!



Mary said...

JT sticks his real puppy's tail into his mouth...yuck!!
I do have to watch what he grabs when he gets close to the dogs, especially with Dodger!!(hehehe) :)

Cindi said...

Taylor has a blanket like that. It's white, but there is pink nail polish all over the back of it