Pregnancy cont.

So, let's talk baby weight.
I have gained around 50 pounds with each of my children.
And, to date, I have been pregnant 4 times....that's 200 pounds!
And while, I have lost most of the 200 (oy)
I still had some weight to lose.  
And then one Saturday evening...
I realized...
something isn't right.
And surprise, we are expecting again.
So, my question is:
How can I NOT gain 50 pounds?
I have been doing my treadmill. 
20-30 minutes 3 or 4 days a week.
I am trying to do more, but I am super busy right now.
I am trying to eat good.
Atleast a salad a day. 
I know I can't cut out a whole lot of calories, but the junk has to go.
Chocolate...how I love thee.
Coffee creamer....love thee too.
Ok, you get the point.
I need tips, advice, help, someone to check in and say "are you gaining 50?"


Tim, Karla and Titus Curington said...

I'm right there with ya on gaining 50 lbs in pregnancy!! My doc always said "no sugar". Probably would've worked too, if only... :)

Anonymous said...

My sil did the no sugar and no starches throughout her whole pregnancy. Mainly because they made her sick.. but she only gained 7 pound total!!! Katelyn was right at 6 when born I think. She did amazing and looked great and the baby was healthy:)
Now me on the other hand... 75 pounds with my first!!! Yikes!! Still have 50 pounds to lose of put on baby weight. I agree with the sugar though and refined starches. Not good for you!
You can do it!! - Trina S. :) Love ya!

~Amy~ said...

Y'all hate me, don't you? HA. No sugar. Ok. I actually don't have a taste for sugar right now, anyway. But that is a tough one. What about splenda? Can I please have splenda?

Anonymous said...

lol.. You know I can't stand the taste of Splenda! I use Stevia:) Way better for you too! I also had a friend who followed her weight watcher plan and she ate healthy and gained only baby weight. I know you aren't suppose to diet while pregnant but there is nothing wrong and totally safe with watching what you eat and eating healthy.
I went into it as I am pregnant and I am eating for two! Yeah, not so smart. :D

Anonymous said...

Mom told me to watch my salt...I did and still gained 35 pounds or so...lol But I didn't actually watch it very closely...I just kinda cut out eating tons and tons of it (like my salt-n-vinegar chips I adore and green olives which I also adore) so I can't really tell you if it would've worked if I followed more strictly or not... :)
Love you tons and tons...Can't wait to see my baby...and you too. lol


Suanna said...

I gained 50# in one of my pregnancies. The reason was that I was eating something almost all the time, as eating helped me not feel ill. I walked a lot and tried to make what I ate count, but sometimes you just gotta give in to your cravings. In my other pregnancies (which I didn't gain as much) I tried to eat lots of veggies and cut back on unhealthy carbs, but I still had a SMALL amount of ice cream almost every night as that helped with night time heartburn.

Nancy M. said...

Hi Amy,
I have enjoyed reading your blog...I am so glad your expecting a precious one again..My words come from a mom of three and now grandma to 2.

Your a busy mom now so relax and enjoy this time of your pregnancy. It sounds like you have done so well loosing some weight before. Eat as healthy as possible and then relax and enjoy those "treats" mommys sometimes need.

My husband always thought I looked "beautiful" in my pregnancy. I thought he must not be looking straight but he assured me of this.
This is a time for you to be wife; mommy; and just rest in that. Take time for work; play and rest...and memories you will never regret.
Love, Mrs. Nancy Musser PS I know our Marcy

~Amy~ said...

@Mrs. Musser ~ Thank you. I knew who you were. ;)

@Anonymous ~ I can't believe you don't like Splenda.

@Susanna ~ I forgot about the heartburn. DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN..OY.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I have any info on this topic since I've gained over 20 to date. Eat more chocolate and have a fat, adorable baby. Do you feel better now? -Marcy

Chrissy said...

Congrats on your new little one that is on the way! :o) How very exciting!

I heard when I was pregnant with Tyler that the only extra calories you need in a day when you are pregnant is around the equivalent to a bowl of cereal. (And I'm assuming that doesn't mean cocoa puffs). :o( haha Anyways, I tried to keep that in mind and I think it helped. Good luck!

Kayte said...

Why did I (who had a baby 2 weeks ago) even click on this post knowing it was about weight...? *sigh* My tips (to you and myself!!!):

- Keep excercising. I did for *most* of my preg. with Leila, even if just 10 minutes on the elliptical every day, and gained the elast with her. Walks with the kids (or around the mall..) count too!

- Limit sugar. I say limit because none is a toughy. I'm saying Sugar on Sunday only. I really love sugar so I know this one is hard.

- Make half you plate veggies. Veggie "free"... eat all you can stand.

Sometimes our minds are in "I'm pregnant I can eat whatever I want" mode. Really we only need 300 extra calories a day (about a glass of milk). Maybe saying no food after 7pm? Those late night Taco Bell runs probably aren't doing the baby or our butts any favors. =) But you're allowed... oh one or two sometime in the next 8 months, okay!