Titus' baby and a couple of blessings....

God has sure been busy taking care of us lately.
We still don't have a job.
But don't want for anything either.
God has seen fit to lay it on several peoples hearts to give us money.
A man we knew years ago and haven't seen since then, heard that we were without a job 
stopped by tonight and gave my husband 100 dollars!
I have never seen Justus more stunned.
He came upstairs to tell me and was just SHOCKED.
We are indeed, so blessed.

Except this sickness doesn't make me feel blessed at all.
Me and Ty had to stay home tonight because of it.
Him and Isaac have been quite fascinated with the thought of there being a baby in my belly.
So, now Ty has a baby in his belly.
It doesn't make him sick though.
I let him and Isaac look through my belly button one day last week to see if they could see the baby.
Ty saw it.
Iz didn't.
Well, tonight, Ty's baby was hungry.
So, naturally, he shoved a chip into his belly button.
Oh yes, he did.
His baby feels better now.
So cute I can't even stand it!!

Have you started playing Christmas music yet?
Or decorating?
I bought my candles the other day buy haven't burned any of them yet.
Maybe this week.


Anonymous said...

Love my little TyTy & Izzy!! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

He he.. feeding his baby:) LOVE IT!! Music has been playing, candles burning, and will start pulling things out this week to decorate. :) I love this time of year.
- Trina Sigstad

Kayte said...