The broken finger and the progression in a little boys mind.......

Here she is:

Broke in two places.
All because I decided to help my hubby get the log splitter off the back of his truck.
Its getting better though
Just thought I'd share why I wasn't online much.
It hurts to type.

Next line of business:
Fishing and Flowers.
We went fishing for the first time of the season a couple of weeks ago.
I got a lot of great pics.
I will just start with a sequence of Isaac's thoughts on the flowers.
How do I know what he is thinking?  You ask.
Well, he's Isaac.
Not very deep.
Just Isaac.
I'm his Mom.
I know.

My name is Isaac.
It's a nice name.
That's me.

 I am at a lake with my family.
I like water.
Not fishing though.

What have we here?

A flower....
What shall I do with this flower?

Lick it!
Sniff it.


Maybe Mom is hungry.


Hannah says hi! said...

You know your children so well, Mrs. Snow. Lol! I couldn't stop laughing (not about your finger but about Isaac). Hope that your finger is feeling better; poor thing. Love you, and I'll see you soon!

S P said...

you crack me up!!! Yes, funny TOTALLY works for you! Sorry about your finger... :(

Anonymous said...

There is only 1 Iz. Who else would eat a flower?

~Amy~ said...

He didn't eat it Marcy. He just licked it. Hahahaha. Quit nagging him! :)