Fishing at Indigo Lake....

Once upon a time...

there was a girl named Chloe
and a boy named Titus.

They went fishing with their Mamma and Daddy one spring day.
To a magical place called Indigo Lake.

Indigo Lake was a beautiful land.
Full of frogs.
No fish though.
Unfortunate for the Daddy.

So, upon realizing what a bore fishing without fish really was,
Titus and Chloe decided to go for a walk.

And unfortunate for Ty and Chloe, 
their Mamma likes to take pics of them.

A lot of pics.
Some would say
too many pics.

And so Chloe decided she liked "not" fishing with Daddy over
picture taking with Mamma.
And so she left.
To go back to the fishing whole that has no fish.
Quite magical, I tell ya.

And, as Ty is his Mamma's baby, he wasn't able to make a decision for himself.

And, thereby, got stuck on a fence post.

While the other kids fished without getting any fish.

And Chloe....
she held a fishing pole.
While contemplating the thoughts of life.
"Why do people fish?"
"What is my purpose here on earth?"
"Why is my hair red?"
"Why am I the only girl in this family?"



Marisa said...

Great Pics! Love seeing LOTS of pictures!! How fun!

Anonymous said...

For someone who doesn't like fishing, you seem to go an awful lot. See you in less than 2 months.-Marcy

~Amy~ said...

2 months. Wow. That's not much time at all. I mean, can we hold that off for a while? Seriously. Too much Marcy and..well, that's not a great thing. Awww, I'm kidding. Love you Mar Mar!

Hannah says hi! said...

I love "Once Upon a Time" stories!!! Tell Chloe that I, too, often wonder why I'm the only girl in the family, and I'm sorry that I can't relate with the red hair. Maybe there will be fish at the magical Indigo Lake next time.

~Amy~ said...

Ha. Poor Hannah! I know you are spoiled though!