My Girl...

We were all outside one evening last week enjoying the chickens.
Did I just say that?
Anyway, we were all outside, and I looked around and couldn't find Chloe.
She had climbed the back fence and was in the "great unknown."

She was picking flowers. 
So, I started taking pics of this, my only little girl. 
With her pink outfit and red hair.
Her so pretty.

"Chloe, smile!"

Sorry about the fence.
Stupid fence.
At least its not a picture of a goat, right?
That's a comfort.

This past Saturday, we went fishing.
I always bring a big blanket and just sit and breath while they fish.
Why fish?
I don't get it.
So, anyway....
Me and Chloe are sitting there 
and she pipes up and says
"Fishing is like.....doing nothing."
Yes darling...it is.
And that is why my toosh is on this blanket.

Me and Chloe, we get along pretty good.

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