No, Mom.

I can't believe it's happened to me.

Today, I asked my Ty ~ 
my baby
our fourth little guy
my sweetness
the very reason I exist!

if he would give Mamma a hug.

He got angry with me.
Very angry.
And said ~ 
Just like that.
No Mamma.
No Mommy.
Just "no mom."
I may die.

We were so in love for these 2 years.
I was his everything.

His only food source until he was one.
And then still, his main source until he was almost 2.
I STILL carry him in his sling ~ just because he likes it.
I STILL rock him to sleep almost daily...
And all I get is "no mom."

My heart is bleeding.
I may never recover.
Hold my hand.



The Doll Family said...

He is adorable!! :) Can you save him for Audrey??? :) :) A sad, sad day when it is just 'mom'.... :(

~Amy~ said...

Seriously. He's called me Mom all day. Little jerk. :) I will save him for Audrey. They both have BEEEUTIFUL eyes. They would make lovely little grandchildren for us!

luke said...

Aww.... It's not all bad. He will always love his mommy. When he is hurt, he won't want anyone else. It's just time for him to become his own person. No matter what you do, it happens, but it's actually good for your child. It's sad for Mommies though. Taylor has always been Daddy's girl and I finally just had to accept it. She won't tell me that she loves me, but she will lay on Luke's grandfathers chest and tell him that she loves him. :( Grant is a momma's boy though, and I am loving every moment of it :)

luke said...

Ok this is really Cindi, but I am sure you figured that out.

~Amy~ said...

Ha. Chloe always liked her Dad, uncles, grandpa's more than the girls of the family. It's sad anyway you slice it though.