Our farm (er animals).

Please meet Cracker Jack...our ducks.  One is Cracker and one is Jack, but if you just say Cracker Jack, they get it.  
They are discussing their angst at being thrown into the little pond that has 
happened in our back area.

They were pretty angry.
As was Ty when he realized that they were running furiously his way!

Yes, he does have his winter boots on.

He's 2.
He will do what he wants. 
And who are YOU?

The ducks think that him and Isaac are their Mamma! 
It's so stinkin' cute.
Their poo, however, not so cute.

I can't believe I just put a pic of our goat.
Ty saw this picture and said "Horsey Sarah."
Ok, I'd much rather him think that he had a horse when he was a child
than a GOAT.
She's trying to eat my hubby's shirt.
Stupid goat.

Now, here is our chicks.  
One is missing in action.
I only put this pic up because, 
I hate to admit it,
but my shadow looks really skinny.
I love shadows!

I just love the sun in these pics! 
It was soooo beautiful out last night!
And hot.
I'm a lil' chubby.
I don't do well in the heat.
It was like 75.
I thought I was going to die.
Gonna be a long summer.

Angry duck.
Isn't there some kind of a quote about a duck taking to water?
Yeah, well, just like the rest of our animals,
the ducks don't do what they are supposed to do.

We had a gay male goat. 
And our girl goat is barren.

Oh yeah, Sarah can't get pregnant.
Not sure why.
I have honestly never heard of a goat that can't get pregnant.
Fertility drugs?

She won't look me in the eye.
I have kicked her.
She's hurt.

Daddy had to take a nap after all the action outside.
He's been sick.
Ty gave him his puppy.
And some sanitizer.
He's so thoughtful.

Our lil' puppy and butterfly for spirit week at school!
Ain't they cute?
And now, off to the mall to buy the Easter shoes that I have been saying I was going to buy for over a week now.
My how my life has changed.



Anonymous said...

Ben and Chloe look like best friends. Stupid goat-whose idea was it to get that. -Marcy

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Those ducks look adorable - and I feel the exact same way about shadow pictures!

erin said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!! Amy, I laughed out loud...REALLY!...several times while reading this post, actually. And let me tell you, you are SOOOO lucky to have a goat! I want one sooooo bad. That's the one animal that's on my "one-day-when-we-have-a-house-with-some-property" list...I MUST have a GOAT!!!

And the "gay goat, barren goat" thing...oh my, I'm giggling again! Pardon my over-active imagination, please! :)

~Amy~ said...

Hey, I have one for you! :) Her name is Sarah. She's barren. Hahahaha. It's a sad, sad life I lead.