I used to have it all together.......

and then I met Isaac.

This evening my eyes were opened.

While sitting in the bleachers watching my hubby play basketball.

I was a good mom. 
My kids were disciplined every time, consistently.
They had snacks.  
They were clean.
Their shoes were NOT scuffed and most certainly did not have chicken poo on them.
And while that was a great time in my life, I also remember that I was always stressed.
I HAD to have things perfect.
My children HAD to act a certain way.
They HAD to say "yes ma'am" promptly.

And while, I know that they have some issues...(God bless him)

they are mine.
I love them. 
I love Isaac's orneriness.
I love that Titus is clingy.
(Perhaps a bit too much.)
I love that Ben cries sometimes because he gets hurt ~ he's only 8.  He can't be perfect just yet.
I love that Chloe couldn't get dressed by herself to save her life.
(Seriously, she couldn't.)
She has no socks that match.

I love my imperfect life.
I love that I am able to sit in a dirty house and watch cartoons without trying to be so stinkin' perfect all the time.

I am me.
My kids are who they are.
And I wub them!

I don't have it all together anymore.
Not even close.
And that's okay.


Beth said...

I think "having it all together" is overrated!

The Doll Family said...

Amy - you are awesome! :)

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That's so beautiful - your kids are lucky to have you as a mom.

~Amy~ said...

Awwww, thanks girls!

vikkibowers said...

Bhahahahahaha. I did not even know the kids were there.thats crazy

~Amy~ said...

Good times, huh Vik? Hehehhehe!

erin said...

Ok...so you already know that I LVOE this post...but you MUST tell me--what in the world is that last picture of?

~Amy~ said...

We lost a child to the back of the van. Chloe is dutifully trying to pull him out.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Glad nothing has changed since we left. -Marcy