We try to go to the library once a week with the kids and let them pick out books.
I have been looking for a way to show books on our blog that the kids especially liked.  
I finally found it!  YAY! 
On the left side, you will find my Shelfari!
I will update it as often as I can. 
The  "I Love You, Stinky Face" book was Ben's favorite book as a lil' tot.  
They also have "I Miss You Stinky Face" and maybe a couple more.
Really cute books.
You will fall in love with Stinky Face!  
The Dinosaur books are Isaacs.  We have bought a couple of those.
"How does a Dinosaur clean up his room?"
"How does a dinosaur say I love you?'
They are so cute.
The Ramona books, I read as a child, and I have them on hold at the library for Chloe.
I hope she enjoys them as much as I did.  I love me some Ramona!  
Ty loves anything to do with Puppies.  
So, the "Pokie Little Puppy" is just an obvious choice.
And I have been reading Tracie Peterson lately.
She's a good clean Christian author.
Anyway, hope this gives some ideas.  I am always looking for tried and true books.  
Nothing worse than going to the library and getting a book that you think will be just great and 
Let me know if you have any ideas! 
Love to hear them!

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Anonymous said...

Of course the beautiful coffee machine is on your blog. Are you hoping for donations? Put a paypal thing on here so we give money. I love Iz dino books.-Marcy