Reblogging ~ thanks Marisa!!!

My friend Marisa just blogged about this great website:

And so, since I have nothing exciting going on in my life aside from feeding the various animals that were purchased to help our children gain some character....
I thought I would steal her idea (thanks Marisa!)

Anyway, I went to that sight today and they do have great coupons..
But if you type in 
Restaurants.com in the search engine on her page,
you can get some really cheap gift certificates for various restaurants in your area.
Now the kicker is:
put in the code
and you will get 25 dollar gift certificates for 2 dollars!
Oh yeah, you heard me!
Our family will be going to Mapleside Farms and Restaurant 
while only paying 4 dollars for 2 25 dollar certificates.  
It's gonna be a good day.
My husband should really thank me more!
Saving him all that money!
Man, I am a good wife.



Marisa said...

YAY... Im so glad you got some!! Whooo Hooo to great deals!

Coretan sayang said...

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