I started a new thing this year.  

I wanted to make sure that each of my children knew that they are special to me and to this family.
Which is easy to overlook when you have a "big" family.

My in~laws had 11 kids, and my husband always says that he knew he was loved.
That's important to me.

So, I bought a new calendar in January.
I have a thing for calendars.
I decided that every month, the older 2 kids could pick a meal.
Their favorite meal.
And I HAVE to make it. 

And, they each have a Mommy loves you day.
They get to pick an activity that they get to do with Mommy.
Just me and that one child.
Only one stipulation:
it can't cost money.
Other than that, the choice is theirs.

Here you see the month of March.  With lots of little things to do.
I like that.

And here you can see their days.  
They have really liked this so far.  
Just thought I'd share my ideas.

OH, and we have an Ice Cream night!  


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