Titus' 2nd Birthday!!!!

I am a sap on my children's birthdays.  
I can't help it!

Here is Ty, still sleeping...with his "Happy" (puppy.)
That's what he calls it!  
Ain't he the best?

OH yeah!
Pancakes, of coarse!
Isaac got his cast off the day before....
His leg is skinny here, you can tell a bit.  
Though it didn't look as bad as I had thought it would....
Here they are loving eachother (take note, it doesn't happen every day!)

I might* have used my childs birthday as a way to get me some Starbucks.  
Am I a bad Mom?
I think not.

Chloe entered the drawing to win this house.  
I hope she does!
That would be so cool!

Isaac's last day in his wheel chair.
Man that thing was handy!

I made an Oreo cookie cake.
Acutally, I made him a real oreo cookie cake for his first birthday, this was more like dump cake, or something...made with pudding.  It was WICKED good.
I am glad it's gone. 
I can proceed with my diet.

Oh baby!  So good~

The absolute sweetest part of the night...

We don't really do gifts for the kids on their birthdays, just a celebration of them.

Chloe wanted to give Titus something special.

So, she kept bringing down her toys, etc.

"Mamma, would Ty like this?"

"What about this?"

And finally she made him this adorable card!

She wrote "Little you can be big."

HA!  Awww...but I don't want him to be too big.



Anonymous said...

Titus is looking like Ben. I still remember that fateful night of driving in the rain to find if you were alive or not. Ty is so handsome. Iz leg looks scary-its skinny! -Marcy

~Amy~ said...

Ha! Yes, that fateful night. I lived. It's actually not as skinny as I thought. There was one little boy in the office that just got his arm cast off, his was wicked skinny. I expected that with Isaac.