A night out...

With Ben and Chloe...not Justus, unfortunately. I needed to get a couple of things at the grocery store and decided it would be better to go out at 10 pm than to go out the next morning with all the kids! So, off we went, just me, Ben and Chloe. Times like this are rare. They both sat in the front seat. It was so cute. As Chloe often does, she was rubbing Benny's (as she so affectionately calls him) head and telling him "Benny, I just love you so much....I really do love you Benny...." And she does SO MUCH! So I said "ya know, Chloe, you are going to be a really great wife and love your husband alot! " "Yeah" she said, "but I am really gonna miss Benny" and I think she will. Poor Chloe. I wonder if they could get houses by eachother after they are married just so Chloe can still rub poor Benny's head????

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