Today in the van Isaac was being ornery so I said I was going to sell him. (My best parenting skills, if I do say so)

So I acted like I was yelling out the window...."WHO WANTS TO BUY ISAAC?"

So good old Iz pops up and says, "No one can buy my except maybe Grandma."

"I'm gonna go home and pack my bags.

Take me to Grandma's.

I've lived with you for a while.

Actually for a long time.

So, so long.

Yes, take me to Grandma's."

Those were his exact words.   Bwahahahahaha!  This kid, I just can't take him somedays.  I know I am a lot to handle so maybe it is time for him to go live with Grandma.....



Suanna said...

This is just funny! Sometimes I think I'd like to let my kids go to Grandma's, too. Maybe they just need a vacation from Mom, same as sometimes Mom could use a little down time to refresh. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Does it ever end? Perhaps you should write a book called "The Life and Times of Isaac".