Bible Study on Proverbs...

Our Pastor started a Bible study on Proverbs 2 weeks ago in our Sunday School class.
Isn't it funny how you think that you've read Proverbs a million times and surely there isn't anything else to learn from that book!?!
Pastor got down to Chapter 1 verse 8 and 9.
I was kinda half way listening trying to get Annaleah to sleep in my arms.
Our Chloe is really into the material side of beauty.
She is pretty sure that make up and clothes and nail polish make a person pretty.
They don't.
Haven't ever.
If that were true, what must my husband have thought of me while I laid in a hospital bed for 5 days without showering?  No make up...I was unable to fix my hair.  I laid there and hoped that I would live.
So, I know that isn't pure beauty, real beauty.
But how to relate this to a 8 year old girl?
Well, duh!  It's in the Bible, of course.

My son, HEAR the instruction of thy father, and FORSAKE NOT the law of thy mother: for they shall be an ornament of grace unto they head, and chains about thy neck.

True beauty comes from doing what God asked us to do...OBEY.  Obey our parents.  Obey authority.  Obey God.

It's so simple it eludes us sometimes.

Isn't it good to know that we have a book that does indeed have ALL the answers to life's questions?


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