My Benjamin.....

We went out garage sale~ing recently, just me, him and Chloe.
I stopped and got them each a Polar Pop from our nearby gas station.
When we got back in the car, I told them that I hope that when they are older and I am gone, I hope this is one of the things that they remember....going garage sale~ing with Mom.

So, today, we hit a garage sale and he was looking at a box with a bunch of book marks in it.
They were three for a dollar.
He got one for his Dad and one for *himself* or so I thought.  And then Isaac wanted one, so I just put that in with his things.
When we got home, I went to fix lunch and he kept asking me if I was going to check my computer.
I thought this was odd.
About half an hour later, I came to my computer and found a note from Ben...
and a bookmark with a "Polar bear" on it.
The note said:  *Get out your tissues ladies*

"Dear Mom,
Remember when we bought polar pops and we went garage sale~ing?  That was fun.  I'll always remember it even when I am old.  I love you Mommy."

I'm blubbering again.
Help us.
And Benny boo, I will always remember it too.  Love, Mommy.


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