Tonight I was in the office doing some work on the computer.
Titus and Isaac were in there coloring on the floor.
One of them would say the word "POOP".
They both would roll on the floor laughing.
Then, they'd pull themselves together and begin coloring again....
Only for one of them to say "POOP" again...and on and on and on it went.
I couldn't help smile at them.
And thank God that I have a girl after these two boys.
"Thank you Jesus for that lil' blessing who I am sure, will not laugh at the word "POOP"."
So, about 10 minutes into the POOP fest, Titus gets up and runs to the bathroom crying!
Ben yells from the back foyer "MOM, we have a problem!"
Guess what happened?
Titus pooped all over himself.
Apparently, if you say POOP loud enough and long enough, poop will happen.
Listen to your children.
Don't let this happen to you.
My warning to you, because I love you.
You are welcome.


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