One of those days...er, weeks, er lifes.

I was tired yesterday.
So tired.
I started a new job about a month ago, and I had it a wall yesterday.
I hadn't been sleeping well at all this week.  Going to bed at 12 or 1am.
Waking up at 5 or 6 to go to the gym and work from home at my computer.
Nurse my 8 month old.
Do laundry.
Wipe toilets.
Wipe bottoms.
Wipe noses.

I think you get it.

Last night after church, I came home and I was going to give the kids snacks and send them on happily, skipping (or so it was in my dream) on to bed.
I got online to grab some transcripts and my boss wanted me to call her.
I hadn't scored well on my 2 week assessment.
So, she had to let me go.
Hmmmm, I said.
Hmmmmm.  Ok.  Well, that's that then.

So, I was pretty bummed.
Justus was pretty bummed.
Woke up this morning bummed.
Until Justus said "go spend a couple of dollars."

Hehehehe!  Um, okay!  Pitty party ova!

Off I went to spend some money.
I got the cutest purse.  Absolutely adorable!

We went out to eat to Macaroni Grill with our Pastor and his wife.
Went to Sam's Club.

Came home.
I tripped up the steps.
I may die.
I'm going to bed now.
Good feeling gone.
Life stinks.
Let the pitty party resume.


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