This morning I had 3 dentist appointments for me and 2 of my children.
This is a new dentist office we decided to try.  My husband had been there before, but we hadn't taken the kids.
So, I got ALL 5 KIDS UP AT 6:30 and left the house at 7:30 to drive the 20 minutes to the office.

I was filing out paper work when they called Benjamin back.  He looked at me and I said, "Will you be okay?"
He said yes, he would be fine.  He's a big man now.

I finished the paper work and walked through the door and told the receptionist that I was going to check on my son.  She said OK.

When I got back there, the dental hygienist was flossing Ben's teeth.  I smiled and said "I just came back to check on him."  She stopped working and said that the dentist hadn't been back to see him yet, they would let me know when they did.  But she wouldn't continue working.  She finally, after moments of me just looking at her, said "Ma'am, you can't be back here."


I can't be back here?

No.  You can't be back here.

So, I said "that is my child, I gave birth to him."

Yes, she knew that, but it is policy.  "We have found out that children behave better without their parents."

Again, HUH?


First off:  IS THAT LEGAL?  I mean, can they seriously take my child into a BACK ROOM where it is just my child and a dental hygienist in the room?  IN THE BACK ROOM????

Second:  Do you, someone who has never EVEN MET MY CHILD presume to know how to get him to behave better than his own Mamma!

I am astounded.  I am baffled.  How is this even possible?  Do people really just leave their child in the hand of a stranger?  And, yeah, they probably do behave better because they are scared out of their minds!  I can't even believe it.

So, we left.  Not my child.  Not my child.

I am getting ready to make some phone calls.  Whose rules are these?  Is this legal?

I'll be back.

Mad, angry Mamma.  


trooppetrie said...

oh man, I think most dentist have told me they prefer parents back for the same reason. but they have never stopped me. I honestly tend to agree with them but would never be some where that did not allow me back if i wanted to be. i think it is a safety issue, if you have my child in your care i have the right to walk in without notice. I would be questioning it to. call the office manager

Nichol said...

I had the same experience at my son's first dentist appointment. I refused to let them keep him by himself even if this was THEIR policy. I wanted to be back there for his first visit and every visit for that matter. I would find a new dentist or call the manager like the first commenter stated. Sorry this happened and I understand how angry you must be!

Anonymous said...

Don't know where you live, but in my town there are actually dentists devoted to pediatric dentistry and they WELCOME parents being with their children. I'd say it would be worth it to see if there were any offices like that where you are. In this day, with all the junk going on with kids, NO WAY do you take my child out of my sight and control to a back room alone. Nuh uh. Can we say "lawsuit"?

Anonymous said...

so what happened? did you call? -Marcy