Latest Quotes from the Snow Children.....

Benjamin ~ age 8

Upon being told that we were going to the park after he cleaned his room:

"I love when I clean and it always ends up with a good idea!"

Chloe ~ age 6 (going on 30)

While sitting at a train stop watching a train go by:

Wow, this train is so loud!  It's so long!  It's so "circle~ish".

Isaac ~ upon waking up this morning, discovered that his tummy was a lil' upset, so I sit up in my bed to see my naked lil' man's booty running down the hallway with diarrhea shooting out (much like you would imagine a horse would look like!) all over the carpet.  His little head turning around looking at the mess he was making in utter awe while trying furiously to get to the toilet!!!!!!!!  "What happened Mamma?"

And our lil' Ty.....while he doesn't talk much, we dote on each lil' phrase he says.  Today while running from one end of the living room to the couch yelling "four!  GO!!!!!!!"  I don't know why the number four, but he's so cute it doesn't matter what he says.

And lest you are worrying about the upstairs carpeting, it's fine.  I cleaned it up right away.  And Isaac is fine too.

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Anonymous said...

I...I...I'm afraid, I've never had the blessing of seeing a view like that. EVER ! ~~ poor Ty, poor carpet, POOR YOU? ~~