Oh Isaac!

So, pretty much his life rotates around food. You might find that I write about this one quite a bit.  He's funny.  He is hyper.  He sometimes throws fits. He, of all my children, requires ALOT of my time.

Tonight after church, we just had a simple dinner of Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sammies.  LOVE IT!  Well, I put Isaac's bowl in front of him and he said "What's this about, Mamma!"  As though this simple meal was just below him somehow.  He normally eats very well balance meals!  What is going on???????????

A lil' while later, he was walking around singing and Justus said "what are you singing?"  Isaac replys "I singing about Taco Bell!"  Of coarse!  Who doesn't on occasion roam the house singin' of making a run for the border?  C'mon! 

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