Blood clot situation.

So, I finally went to see a hematologist yesterday.
I thought I would update you on how my clot is doing.
I call him Bob.  The clot.  Seemed like it needed a name.
It's part of me now.

So, in October, I was put back in the hospital for 3 days because of an infection in my clot leg.
It was just a superficial infection, but they worry about the clot breaking loose and going to my lungs so off I went to the hospital room with the gassy lady.  Boy wasn't that a treat?

They discovered then that there was a new clot.  So, I had infectious disease Dr's and hematologists and vascular surgeons and every one else visiting me in my room for 3 days trying to figure out what to do.  It was special.

And then they put my on antibiotics and sent me home.  Took all of them to figure that out.  Nice.

And so, on to the hematologist appointment.

There are several things she was worried about.  My white blood count was high.  My rheumatoid numbers were high and my lupus anticoagulant numbers were high.  (No, I have no idea what those mean I just like to sound smart.)  I do know I am probably not dying.  NO, I didn't ask her that!  I'm appalled you would even thing that. Ok, I did.  I came right out and asked her.  Of course I did.  There is still a risk that the clot could break off and go to my lungs but if I keep the compression stockings on and keep taking my coumadin, I should  be okay.

I go back in February for more blood work and then I still see my general physician every 10 days.

But, I am alive.  And Christmas is coming!  And I ordered our Christmas cards!  I will post one on here soon!

Thanks for checking in.


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