Quiet for sooooo long.

I don't think I have ever went this long without posting on my blog.
To say the month of December was busy is an understatement.

But it was a wonderful kind of busy.
Baking cookies with the kids.
Having family over.
I love love love the Christmas season! 

Everyone is in a good mood.
Did you ever notice that?
People are more patient with each other.
Unless of course, you are shopping on Black Friday.
Then all manners go to pot.  It's lovely really.

I've been spending a lot of time with my wittle girl.
She's so ding dong precious!
As her personality develops, I notice a lot of Isaacs humor.
And she kinda looks like Isaac too.
They both have a dimple on the top of their nose.

And, well, she's kinda spoiled.
Imagine that.
But I can honestly say that it isn't my fault.
Her Daddy holds her in the crook of his arm every night and pats her
little bottom for a good 15 minutes before she falls asleep.
I have tried this.
It doesn't work.
She wants him.
I forgot this about baby girls.
I just imagined that since this is the caboose of the Snow family 
I would hold her and rock her and spoil her.
It's depressing really.
She's a Daddy's girl.

On a side note, I hope to be updating my blog a bit more!
Still love me?

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