Christmas Menu...

I couldn't decide what to have for Christmas dinner.
It always seems we have the same meal for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.
And I just can't do it anymore.
I can't.
So, I asked my facebook friends and they gave me some good ideas.
Then I asked my husband....
and you know what he said?
But to mix it up, I just got a turkey breast.
We threw away some turkey from our Thanksgiving dinner.

So here it is:
Like you care, I know.
But still.....

Garlic and Herb marinated turkey breast.
Marinated steaks that we are going to grill.....in DECEMBER.
Oh yeah.
Scalloped potatoes (thanks Angela for the idea.)
Sweet potato casserole.
Green bean casserole.
Deviled eggs.
Cole slaw.
Carrot Cake.
Cherry Cheesecake.
Oreo Truffles.
Chocolate covered pretzels.
There could be more that I am forgetting.
Sound basically like Thanksgiving?
Yeah, it is.

Maybe next year I will be brave and true and branch out.
The question remains:



Jaime said...

For us: veggie tray with dill weed dip, deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, another veggie (mil will bring), dinner rolls (homemade ;/), ham, turkey, shrimp (mil bringing), and desserts ...can't remember what else everyone is bringing...yep, traditional thanksgiving dinner for us too. :o)

~Amy~ said...

I forgot the veggie tray and Watergate salad, and jello...and something else but I don't have my list right here.
Traditional or not, we will enjoy it!!!
Merry Christmas Jaime!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE traditional!! YUMMO!!! BTW, you should ask Gale for the recipe she used for her Thanksgiving turkey...I've never had one so delicious!
Love you all, and miss you tons!!!

~Amy~ said...

Did she brine it? Hope you are having a great time tonight Mary!!!

Suanna said...

We had baked spaghetti. It's easy to make the day before and just pop in the oven. Serve with a salad and bread and of course lots of desserts.