I am apparently.....

too old to be pregnant again.

It started out with this stinkin' pregnancy sickness.
I don't know if it was magnified this time, but I was in bed for days.

That is over, thank God.
Now I have the blessed migraines.
Oh yes.
They are a joy.
There is medication for those, but it just takes the edge off.

And I have this pregnancy mask all over.  
Never had it before.
Its weird.
I don't want it on me anymore.

I can't walk up steps.
I had gotten really good at running up our stairs.  
I may have been overweight, but I always made it a point to RUN up the stairs.
As soon as I found out I was pregnant, the running turned to walking with heavy breathing.
And now the walking with heavy breathing has turned to moaning and groaning all the way up the stairs.
Now I have to sit down when I reach the top.

I'm uncomfortable.
I hurt.
I don't like being pregnant.
It doesn't feel like a miracle right now.
Though I know it is.
I know I am so blessed to be able to bear children.
And I do thank God for that.  


Marisa said...

It is amazing what a toll it takes out of you to be preggo! I was always soooooooooo exhausted! I could of slept 24/7! ha ha!

Anonymous said...

What kind of post is this. I hope you aren't dying. Try to last til June. Then it's all over and you can be up all night. It's quite a trade off. Love Marcy

~Amy~ said...

I'm with you Marisa...I wake up late, nap, do lunch, nap...then I'm good for the rest of the day. But napping is a necessity.

Marcy, I may die. I'm gonna try to hang in there, but I can't make any promises. Yeah, not really looking forward to the all night feedings, but this fo'su' will be our last, so I think I will cherish it a bit more.

Suanna said...

I'm sorry this time seems to be giving you more of a struggle. I understand about the out of breath bit, but I don't have stairs. Naps are great energy and mental boosters. At least you are not getting up a couple times a night with another baby. I hope you start to feel good soon.