And it happened at Starbucks, I am ashamed to say.
I know most of you will find that odd, knowing my love for Starbucks.
We have a bit of a job offer....
in a land far away.
It's cold there.
They make cheese.
They pride themselves on cheese.
Of all things.
Care to guess?

Anyway, so today is Chloe's 8th birthday and as is our custom in the Snow household
they get a trip to Starbucks on their birthday.
I buy them a cream based "coffee."  
They think they are being caffeinated and act like wild animals the rest of the day.
No caffeine enters their bodies.
Jokes on them
So, Chloe and I were sitting there discussing her life.
How she likes it.
How we could improve it.
and so on.
I started looking around at "my Starbucks."
The one where "I want to go where everybody knows my name."
And I got to remembering all the trips I've taken there.
Some with a kid or two.
Last year when both Ben and Chloe were at school (what glorious days those were), I would
have to take both Ty and Iz there.
The barista's always knew what I wanted.

What if the barista's in this far away land are mean?
What if they stick out their tongue at me and say 
"NO, we cannot make a Grande Peppermint White Mocha Frappucino Light AND with whip?"
How will I live?
What shall I do?
Will someone hold my hand?
It seems a good part of my life was spent there these last 3 or 4 years of living in this area.
A good part of my life WAS spent there.

I'm so sad.
I want to go grab the door and hold on for dear life while shouting "I can't leave them they love me."
Though, I know they really don't.
Do they?

So, there is my story of the day.
I think I will go back and just say "HI."
I'm sure they would love to see me.


Mandy said...

It could be worse ya know? I live in an area that doesn't even have a Starbucks or a famous coffee shop. I do love the smell of coffee and when I travel 45 minutes away to the Barnes and Nobles I always treat myself to a Starbucks coffee.

~Amy~ said...

True Mandy. That would stink. ;)