Smitten, Story time and a Christmas House....

Meet Emily.
She's sitting between Isaac and Titus.
It's story time at our house.
Chloe has to read to someone, and these three looked really into it.

Now they notice a camera...
and must cheese.

Notice Isaacs arm....
I think he and Titus are in love with lil' Emily.
She's pink.
These boys just don't know how to handle pink.
I get to watch her for a while.
She is just a lil' blessing in this house with a lot of boys and loudness.
She's quiet.
Sometimes shy.
But when she giggles, its straight from the belly!
She's absolutely adorable!

These two were enjoying the Christmas house under our tree.
I couldn't resist taking a pic. 
They are so into it.  Awwww!

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas season.

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