Go Cart Rodeooooo!

We had a Fall contest for the teens at church.

The winners got to come to our house on Sunday after church. 
We had so much fun.
It was a beautiful fall day!
It was supposed to rain and be cold, but it was in the 60's and no rain!
Praise the Lord!

We had three teens come.
Played some big ball!  OH yeah.

 And, of course, rode some go carts while chasing the big ball.

These boys had the best time! 
They had never rode a go cart before.
Isaiah is ornery like my Isaac and Sean...Sean just wanted to talk.
And talk.
And talk.
And talk.  
He was cracking me up!

And then there is this teenager:

I'm just gonna throw this out there and say that he had more fun than all the others combined!
Here's me:

I'm a bit competitive!

Our kids couldn't wait for the teens to come over!
We had just a small bonfire to cook our hot dogs and smores, but Titus was there for the better part of the day.  He loves fires!

And here is me and Annaleah.
My hair is not really that big.
Is it?
Do I always look like that?
God, help me.
My poor children.
No wonder they hate me.

Chloe and Yui.  
She is so good with our kids.

And another shot of the teenagers...oh, I mean Justus (the youth Pastor.) HA.

And here is where the day took a turn for the worse. 
My husband had this crazed look on his face.
I saw it but wasn't sure what to make of it.
I heard him yell to Ben over the roar of the go cart "BEN OPEN THE GATES!"
Of heaven, I wondered?
But no, he just meant our fence gates.
So Ben opened them while we all stood there staring at them in wonderment.
"What could this possibly mean?"

And then here comes the roar!  And Justus and Isaiah covered in mud. 
They decided to visit the backlands....where the mud dwells.
They found it.
All of it.
And then he had to take all the kids to see the mud. 
Wow.  I may still be harboring bitterness.

Good ol' Ty.  He hates mud.  I love him.

Isaac "wait for meeeeee Dad!"

Ben thought it was great that you could put weeds on the fire and make smoke.
My oh my, they are so easily entertained.

And, that was our go cart rodeo.
Good times.

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