So, I've become one of "those" bloggers who has a baby and then doesn't blog anymore.

But who could blame me? Look at that smile! She is such a little bit of joy for us.  Even her Dad is in love.  Our other children fuss over her and I hear a million times a day "Mommy, is it my turn to make Annaleah smile?"  She's been a very easy baby so far.  Slept through the night at 2 weeks of age.  Never had that happen before!  Of course now, four months later, she is up during the night wanting to eat.  A girl's gotta eat, right?  Her's hungry.  She can't possibly sleep knowing there is food to be had.  And I don't necessarily mind.  I did finally order some cloth diapers.  LOVE THEM!  I had at first thought I would just use them while I was at home, but I use them all the time now.  It is really so easy to use.  They wash up well.  And she looks adorable in her Fuzzibunz!  No idea why I never did this before.  I have a small stock pile of disposable diapers (by small I mean about 6 packages of Huggies) that I am considering taking back to the store.  I really love cloth diapering.  And so does Petunia.

School is in full swing here at the Snow household.  I am still loving the ABeka videos!  They have been a lifesaver!  I do very little with their schooling.  Of course, Isaac is in kindergarten so I do most of that with him.  And I have been doing a bit of preschool too with Titus and the little girl I babysit.  It's always fun....

We have redecorated our downstairs a bit...
This is our kitchen wall.  It's a yellow/gold/orange color.  Ha.  Really pretty though.  I like it much better than the dark red I had before.
 And our living room is a pale green!  It's perfect.  We had a sage green in there before, and I liked it for a while, but it was pretty dark.  We both wanted a lighter, brighter house.  We got it.  It's beautiful!
We are loving our church!  We've made some really great friends.  I've never been to a church quite like ours.  If you are in the hospital, expect to be visited by most of the members.  Expect to be prayed for.  The older men in our church are all leaders.  You will find most of them at the alters during the invitation.  I feel blessed to be there.  Our Pastor and his wife just swooped in and picked us up and loved us.  I will forever be grateful !!!

I joined a gym 2 months ago.  I've been 3 times.  Oh yeah.  I can feel it working.  Bwahahahaha!  Thank God it is only 12 bucks a month! I had to go back to the hospital for three days the week after I joined and am just now starting back at it.  

And so...that wraps up the update for today.  Loving that it is November and high 60's!!!  Maybe I will take the kids to the park today!

Hope you all are doing well!  Would love to hear from you!


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