Camping 2013

Not gonna lie.

I did not want to go camping.

At all. 


And has wanted to go forever.

So I finally decided...

Well, I'm not pregnant, can't use that excuse.

I'm not nursing a baby...

Can't use that excuse.

I don't have a baby in diapers...

Man.  Imma have to go camping.

And I loved it soooo soooo much!

It was beautiful weather, a beautiful spot, wonderful time together with our family.

It was so peaceful.

Chloe had had a seizure the week before so we weren't sure we were going to go.

Kinda thought maybe we ought to stay home.

But something, maybe God, kept telling me to go.

It'll be okay, just go.

So we did.

I can honestly say, if you want to bond with your family...

go camping.

It's just you...



No TV.

No computer.

No phone.

I loved sitting by the fire all day and evening.

That crackling noise is addicting!

I loved doing our devotions each night in our tent or outside of our tent around the fire.

Chloe did well too. 

She has headaches pretty bad after a seizure for weeks but

I think getting away from everything helped.

She's still very white in that picture but she did well.

And my boys were IN THEIR ELEMENT.

Ben is seriously the best fishermen in the family.

Much to his father's dismay.  LOL!

I didn't shower for days!  

Um, that part was a bit gross.

Annaleah had the time of her life. 

She wubs her Daddy

Our last morning there we climbed this "mountain" 


I got chiggers...

but that's not important.

We won't talk about that.

Nope, we won't.

(((He's so cute, isn't he?  And yet...so evil.  And poor Annaleah has no idea.)))

And each kid carved their name or initials on a tree up on top of the mountain.

It was really neat.  

I got a pic of each of them with their tree. 

Can't wait to go back and see their names.


Anna really got into the whole posing for pictures thing...

"Pitcher me Mamma!"

I love my family.  

Can't wait to go camping again!!!



Anonymous said...

Chiggers! Sounds fun! LOL

Anonymous said...

I also share a love for camping. Richard not so much. I do enjoy being at campgrounds with a shower house though. :)

Our7isheaven said...

I went camping as a kid and liked it, but as adult I've never cared for it.

My boys to just camp in the back yard with their tents.

Sounds like you had a great time and so thankful you daughter was able to enjoy it also with no seizures.